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Astitchworks Concepts (Fashion Sewing Institute - AFI)  offers intensive sewing program of different visions of contemporary and traditional dressmaking courses for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Our trainers are skilled in delivering traditional, interactive and experience. By guiding, supporting and integrating exercises and activities into the sewing program, learning takes place in a highly participatory manner.

Attend our Institute, we provide the sewing program for advanced education in the fashion industry, we are taught to help learners reflect on their learning and develop learning skills and strategies to achieve their goals.

Astitchworks believes the Better Ways is to share the knowledge and skills sincerely and treat all students fairly with positive benefits and good relationships with trainers and students. And, herewith are guidelines of our Learning how Astitchworks runs the sewing program. 

We offer the following specialised sewing programs
Astitchworks running a sewing program that contains 4 types of learning:
1) SkillsFuture Courses (SSG) - Sewing
2) Comprehensive Sewing Courses    
3) Group Sewing Courses
4) Workshop Courses

There is no assessment for our sewing program, however, Learners must complete 85% from their assignments and sewing projects.

SkillsFuture Courses (SSG) - Sewing
Prepare and upgrade your skills for the future, from basic to advanced levels.   SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$500 from January 2016.

12 hours - 2 days Sew Adults Garment (Please click  course title to go SSG site)

7 hours - 1 day Sew Adults Garment (Please click  course title to go SSG site)
CRS-N-0045595  Sew Basic Kimono Blouse 
CRS-N-0045640 Sew Basic Palazzo Pant  

1) Comprehensive Sewing Classes
It is a personalized learning or used in a one-to-one situation (max. 3 learners per session) and learn at their own pace (convenient schedule) and get a full attention in studying.

S1.1.1U - Basic Pattern and Sew Formal Skirts & Blouses
S1.1.2U - Pattern Making and Sew Malay Kurung & Kebaya Pesak
S1.1.3U - Develop Pattern and Sew Casual Vintage Dresses
S1.1.4U - Develop Pattern and Sew Oriental Chong Sam Dresses
S1.1.5U - Interpret Pattern and Sew Formal Karta / Punjabi Suits
S1.1.6U - Interpret Pattern and Sew Ethnic Men Attire and Pant

S2.1.1P - Develop Pattern and Sew Men’s Shirt & Trousers
S2.1.2P - Pattern Making and Sew Ladies Shirts & Pants
S2.1.3P - Develop Pattern and Sew Kurung Pahang & Outfits Kebarung
S2.1.4P - Interpret Pattern and Sew Outfits Cheong Sam Dresses
S2.1.5P - Develop Pattern and Sew Elegant Salwar Kameez / Lehengas Suits
S2.1.6P - Construct Block Pattern Making

S3.1.1D - Advanced Interpret Block Pattern Making
S3.1.2D - Develop Pattern and Sew Jacket & Bespoke Suits
S3.1.3D - Interpret Pattern and Embellish Bridal Couture Sewing

S4.1.1S - Basic Sewing Upholstery Curtain and Soft Furnishing
S4.1.2S - Construct Smocking Pattern and Sew Soft Furnishing
S4.1.3S - Creative of Basic Jewellery Making
S4.1.4S - Design Stocking Flower Pattern and Arrangement

2) Group Sewing Courses
It is a group class with 6-8 learners with a fixed schedule.  It allows Learners to pool knowledge and skills and develop problem-solving during class.
S5.1.1GL - Interpret Pattern and Sew Skirt & Blouse
S5.1.2GL - Develop Pattern and Sew Casual Dresses
S5.1.3GL - Construct Basic Pattern and Sew Blouse & Palazzo

3) Workshop Sewing Courses
The course is short teaching period like grade 1 or 2 days classes with 6-8 learners and the fixed schedule.  It is a space training for a hands-on learning experience.

S6.1.3W – Sew Basic Pleated Skirt
S6.1.4W – Learn Basic Alteration Sewing
S6.1.5W-Sew Basic Maxi Skirt
S6.1.6W – Sew Basic Mermaid Skirt
S6.1.7W – Sew Basic Stylish Blouse
S6.1.8W – Sew Basic Peplum Blouse
S6.1.9W – Sew Basic Abaya Dress
S6.1.12W – Sew Basic Heram (Aladdin) Pant
S6.1.10W – Sew Basic Cheong Sam Dress with Mandarin Collar
S6.1.13W – Sew Basic Salwar Blouse and Pant
S6.1.16W – Sew Basic Maxi Dress  

S6.3.2W – Sew Basic Grommet Curtain
S6.3.3W – Sew Basic Tab Top Curtain
S6.3.4W – Sew Basic Patchworks/Smocking Cushion

Free Preview Session
1) It is a FREE preview for you to get more information or discussion on our courses.
Perhaps, we appreciate please walk-in to our training site to have a better briefing at 20, Joo Chiat Road # 02-08 Singapore 427357.  
2) If we not able to response your call, please WhatsApp 91857267 if it's urgent.  Thank you for understanding.
3) Please fix your appointment at   

Teach learners of all levels and abilities proper sewing habits and effective use of sewing tools.

Create opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge, and values for employability and lifelong learning.

Develop skills, develop new talents.

Core Values
We aspire to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Our Objective in Teaching
* Teach learners valuable sewing courses that can use in their own daily life.
* Learners will develop certain skills depending on their chosen sewing program.
*At the end of this course, learners able to understand to develop different styles of patterns for their garments.


Astitchworks Concepts is AGD Approved Training Provider.  The AGD Associates program empowers their officers to attend various courses that enable them to develop a deeper knowledge or skills at the Whole Government level.  Please approach your Human Resources or finance department to help you apply for the sewing program you are interested in.

Our Approved Vendor ID: 53220584K.
Training Place: 20 Joo Chiat Road #02-08 Singapore 427357.



We also are a Non-WSQ Training Organisation Approved. This training with funding support through SkillsConnect can help people use our sewing program provided by Astitchworks as well as get training grant applications for everyone to benefit from.



We are collaborating with the organisations/companies to set up a various sewing program or any events related to fashion sewing subjects to educate her employees/beneficiaries/clients. 

We encourage lifelong learning through continually upgrading the skills of their workforce.  

 If your company interest, please email to, attention Sadiq Dinarro (Adi-Business Manager Marketing) or JuneIyana (Designer Trainer)

Association of Muslim Professional (AMP) aims to equip individuals from less privileged households trade, business and IT skills to start a home-based business as an alternative source of income for the household.  Grants are also awarded to those who have a viable and sustainable home business model.   

Applications for the AMP Micro Business Programme which is open every January/February. For any enquiries about the programme, you may contact Mdm. Mariam at 6416 1426 or email

AMP @ Pasir Ris
1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #05-11
Singapore 519457

Astitchworks works closely with Mendaki Sense (MENDAKI Social Enterprise Network Singapore Pte Ltd) provide our sewing program for their clients/beneficiaries.   In addition, Mendaki offers advice and guidance to job seekers as well as employees who are interested in career enhancements and upgrading skills.

MENDAKI Social Enterprise Network Singapore Pte Ltd
116 Changi Road, WIS@Changi Singapore 419718
Subsidiary: SENSE (Tel: 6708 6400, Fax: 6708 6500) 

MUIS is embarked on a family-based programme to help as many of its Zakat-receiving families become self-reliant through the Empowerment Partnership Scheme (EPS).   Eligible applicants can go to the Social Development Lead-Mosque nearest to their official residential address.

AIN SOCIETY conducts workshops and courses which focus on improving the individual's quality of life (works closely with MUIS/others).

AIN Society Head Office
c/o Blk 2 Eunos Crescent
#01-2545, Singapore 400002
Tel: +65 6848 5166
Fax: +65 6844 7243

OTHERS from the company, community centre, clubs, etc. to enhance their emotional and social interaction skills and to promote bonding among them.  Applicants may approach the Social Development Lead such as ComCare, community centre, etc. nearest to their official residential address.

Astitchworks Concepts also would like to thank you so much to all our students and customers for their support and positive feedback in making our successful for Fashion Sewing Institute and tailoring services.

We affirm our Fashion Sewing Institute is not only about nurturing your creative talents – the most successful institute also make sure students are educated in running a business, marketing, styling and practical dressmaking skills. The essence of fashion sewing and pattern making is what is taught at Astitchworks Fashion Sewing Institute (AFI).

We look forward to welcoming you at Astitchworks Fashion Institute.

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Closed on Monday, Sunday & Public Holiday

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